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PRIME is G&G Trading International's new
brand for a 
range of evaluated storage media.

PRIME products offer outstanding value
for money for evaluated products.

*PRIME videocassettes are evaluated used stock.

*PRIME videocassettes has been 100% full-length quality tested.

*PRIME videocassettes meets the format specifications for new tape.

*PRIME videocassettes are supplied with a 6 months warranty.

*PRIME videocassettes fulfils the specifications that are specified for
 that particular format by the original manufacturer.

*PRIME videocassettes are also available in “time-coded” versions.



Price list Prime Betacam SP

Price list Prime Digital Betacam

Price list Prime HD-cam

Price list Prime DVC-pro

Price list Prime Betacam SX

Price list Prime DV-cam

Price list Prime U-Matic



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